Our mission at New Life Fellowship is to lead people to a deep, personal relationship with Jesus.

Our values, known as our “5Ms” shape the way we seek to follow Christ together at New Life Fellowship. They undergird our spiritual formation practices and inform our mission to love and serve our world.

Monastic Distinctive Monastic: Slowing Down to be with God in community.
Our Monastic value informs the kind of rhythms we seek to live in our fast and busy city. At New Life, we draw deeply from the contemplative and monastic tradition. As the Desert Fathers and Mothers (and subsequently, monks did), we seek to “fashion a desert” in the midst of a world desperately in need of God. To that end, we endeavor to live a slowed down spirituality.
Monastic Distinctive Multiracial: Bridging Racial, Cultural, Economic and Gender barriers.
The gospel is good news that tears down walls and builds bridges. We are a community with people from over 73 nations. Our community also has people from all places along the socio-economic spectrum. We value being a church that gives a preview of what God’s kingdom will look like when Jesus fully and finally reigns.
Monastic Distinctive eMotional Health: Loving ourselves and others well.
At the core of the Christian faith is love. Jesus commands us to love our neighbor as we love our selves. Our eMotional Health value seeks to practically help us do this. We are all invited to look beneath the surface of our lives to experience the deep, transformation power of Jesus.
Monastic Distinctive Marriage To Christ: Shaping our Lives (single or married) out of marriage to Christ.
At New Life, we have a high value for healthy marriages, families and singles. Throughout scripture, we see the theme of marriage as central to understanding our relationship with God. This value informs how we prioritize a theology of the body, marriage, singleness and sexuality.
Monastic Distinctive Missional: Offering ourselves to the world.
At New Life we seek to offer ourselves as a gift to our neighborhood, city, and the world. We believe that every Christian is called to “full-time ministry,” serving Christ in every sphere of life. We also are committed to serving the poor and marginalized. One of the primary ways we do this is through our New Life Community Development Corporation.