VBS 2017

We recently held our Summer VBS at New Life and we had a blast!  92 kids participated, 95 volunteers served with us that week, and 48 of our kids made a decision for Christ!  Watch our recap video below:

NLFNYC VBS 2017 Final from Alvin Caal on Vimeo.

New Life Fellowship Family Ministries is comprised of our Children’s and Youth Ministries.

These ministries come together to create a strategy, from Cradle to College, that will enable us, the church, to partner with parents to help build authentic faith in the life of each child and teenager.




There are two powerful influences in the life of a child- the family and the Church (a body of believers- not a church building). The family (red) is a warm heart demonstrating God’s character through unconditional love. The Church (yellow) is a bright light illuminating God’s glory and the truth of His Word. Combined, these two influences can make a much greater impact in the life of a child than either can make alone. You see, if you paint with only red, you’ll get what only red can do. And if you paint with only yellow, you’ll get what only yellow can do. But ORANGE is what you get when red and yellow combine their influences and work together to create something NEW.


Orange is simply about partnership.

Orange is yellow and red (the Church and the family) working together to do things that are beyond what either of them can do alone. It’s what happens when the local church realizes that it will never have as much influence in a child’s life as that child’s parents will. It’s what happens when parents realize that they can’t do it alone, and begin to recruit other believers to be Godly influences and speak into the lives of their children. It’s what happens when the local church commits to helping parents be successful by finding and mobilizing other Godly influences, and then putting them directly in the paths of those parents. Orange is what happens when the local church becomes more concerned about the long-term health of the family and the long-term faith of children than counting how many people show up on Sunday mornings.


The reality is that approximately 88% of students, upon high school graduation, will leave the church and their faith entirely. But it is also true that when those same students are actively engaged in an ORANGE faith community, that percentage drops to only 4%. With that in mind, we want to challenge you to imagine a new future, where the Church and the family work together to help this generation develop lasting faith and Christ-like character.

Maybe together we can change things.


New Life Fellowship Family Ministry

5 Family Values

This is New Life’s Family Ministries Strategy for families. Five things parents can focus on to lead their kids into a deep personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
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