We’ve assembled some our free resources to help you with keeping Sabbath.

Our prayer is that God would refresh you as you stop, rest, delight and contemplate.

Sabbath Interview with Pete Scazzero from New Life Fellowship on Vimeo.
Pastor Pete talks about New Life Fellowship’s 2010 Lenten Initiative.

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Blogging About Sabbath-KeepingThis blog is a forum for New Life Fellowship members and attenders to share their thoughts, questions, and feelings as we receive the gift of Sabbath during Lent 2010.
The Revolutionary Act of Sabbath-Keeping“This four part series about the Sabbath was taught by Pastor Pete Scazzero in 2006.

Part 1 – Stopping for the Gift of Sabbath

Part 2 – Resting on the Sabbath

Part 3 – Delighting on the Sabbath

Part 4 – Contemplating on the Sabbath





Sabbath Booklet – “Lent 2010: Receive the Gift of Sabbath”This is short fourteen page booklet by Pastor Pete Scazzero about practicing the Sabbath (excerpted from his book Emotionally Healthy Spirituality). Download PDF
FAQsFrequently Asked Questions about Sabbath-Keeping.
Answers provided by Pastors Pete Scazzero, Geri Scazzero, & Drew Hyun.Questions include:

– Why do I need to keep Sabbath for a whole 24 hour period each week?
– Do I spend the Sabbath alone or with other people?
– How do I cease from the work of parenting?

Download PDF
Abbey Hoffman InterviewAbbey Hoffman discusses how her family of 14 practiced the Sabbath growing up and how she practices it now as a single college student. Watch Video
Some Jewish Sabbath Prayers from Sabbath Keeping by Lynn M. Baab Download PDF
Article on Practicing Silence by Pete Scazzero. Includes some thoughts and guidelines about practicing Silence and also contains some practical suggestions about dealing with distractions. Download PDF
Silence: Waiting on God 4 audio files to help you practice Silence. Each mp3 has 5, 10, 15, or 20 min of silence bookmarked by 1 minute of instrumental music. The hope is that it will be a resource that will help you spend time in silence without feeling the need to check your watch.

Download 5 min mp3

Download 10 min mp3

Download 15 min mp3

Download 20 min mp3

Nurturing Your Soul with Monastic Wisdom: Dr. Wil Hernandez will be led a 3-hour seminar on nurturing your soul with monastic wisdom. He unpacked relevant lessons from ancient practices learned from monastic communities. The goal was for every participant to come away with an intentional plan (rule of life) for their personal spiritual formation.