We are fully aware that our gender and sexuality are so much a part of who we are and how God created us, male and female, that to not address this topic in church would be a hinderance to wholeness in our spiritual journeys. To that end we have created this page of resources to help you grow toward healthy understanding and behavior regarding your sexuality.


The quantity and complexity of issues concerning sex and love bearing down on us are staggering (celibacy, porn, homosexuality, divorce, cohabitation, graphic novels/fantasy, masturbation, compulsive need for romantic relationships, shame, loneliness, etc). The biblical ideal is that the lives of both Christian singles and marrieds reveal the mystery of our marriages to Christ and are signs of God’s kingdom to a broken world (See Matt. 19:10-12 and Eph. 5:32). Unfortunately that vision is a far cry from both our present day secular and church cultures. We are convinced that, unless the church courageously enters into this arena with God’s perspective, we will continue to see little difference between people inside and outside the church. We invite you to join us on our journey toward understanding by watching this two-day class on the subject of sex, love, and life.

“Love, Sex, & The Meaning Of Your Life” – Day 1 w/ Pete Scazzero @ New Life Fellowship

“Love, Sex, & The Meaning Of Your Life” – Day 2 w/ Pete Scazzero @ New Life Fellowship
includes interview with Rosie Kandathil (left) & Sue Pincusoff (right)

We hope to start a small group around this material in the future.
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Pure Desire Ministries International has equipped us to offer four different small groups using materials that are scripturally informed and evidence-based and are designed to help (1) men only groups develop sexual purity, (2) women only groups develop sexual purity, (3) women heal from love addiction (dependency on love and romance?), and (4) women heal from wounds caused by their spouse’s sexual impurity.  Here you will find very practical answers that deal not only with the personal shame of the struggle, but the family systems that fuel the issues. Below are promotional videos that will introduce you to Pure Desire.

“Pure Desire Promo” Ted Roberts  –  “Betrayal and Beyond Promo” Diane Roberts

“Are You Sexually Normal?” Sermon by Ted Roberts @ New Life Fellowship

We currently have small group options for men and are starting groups for women.
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The Genesis Process deals with addictions of any kind and provides both a Biblical and neuro-chemical understanding of what is broken that causes us to be self destructive. Addiction is a brain disease that is usually the result of a long series of bad choices, or sin, that creates false survival cravings for things that are harmful to us. To be free of addiction you have to change and heal your brain so it no longer produces these self-destructive cravings. This is how you’ll prevent relapse. A Genesis Process small group would follow a practical program designed to bring about changes and healing that lasts.
(Note: what is referred to as the “brain” here the Bible often calls the “heart”.)

“What is Genesis Process” – Video 1 w/ Micheal Dye

We currently have small group options for men AND women.
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